Make a note in your diaries! Our first Sunday Afternoon event will be on 16th October kicking off at 1:30pm. There have been several expressions of interest so we are hopeful these afternoon events will prove useful to all you who have weekday commitments.

The work will now be what was originally planned for our first solo event.vent. We will be working at the top on the lefthand side of the lower meadows. Cutting back bramble encroachment either side of a small copse that is planned to be kept. The objective is to keep the meadows about 70% open with the rest offering a variety of cover. If there are sufficient volunteers on the day we may also coppice back the woodland edge alongside the track which is beginning to restrict movement. We will meet up at the usual car parking spot:

wtadcombewkpty The pack drill as ever is, stout shoes and bring your own hot drinks together with gloves and whatever handtools (lopers, bowsaw, slashers, fork) you are prepared to bring along. there will be a limited supply of basic tools and of course a first aid kit. We are looking forward to a good turn.


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