Last Event

The last event in this our first year! A Sunday afternoon event on the 18th December meeting up at 1:30pm.We will be starting  work on the variously named Bald Spot or Blind Spot or Green Patch. This area is rich in meadow plants and according to past records includes a couple of rare ones for this area. The area is scrubbing up and the side regrowth is pushing inwards reducing the area and casting shade as can be seen here:

We will meet at the public footpath entry to Adcombe Wood off the road through Feltham. This is the side road off the Corfe B3170.

Be sure not to wait at the very tight bend where a footpath goes down to Corfe! There is a fifteen minute or so walk on the level to reach the bench marking the blind spot. Access down into the blind spot is very steep and can be difficult if the ground is wet. We will be working on this steeply sloping ground cutting back all growth as low as possible then raking off the arisings. The other task is to tackle the lefthand side, seen from the top, by coppicing and pushing back the regrowth, burying the brush under a mature tree canopy. Should the ground conditions be just too treacherous there is an alternate task of pushing back the edge of a track along the diagonal path.

Be sure to wear stout shoes and waterproofs, just incase. Bring along any tools you are prepared to, such as gloves, lopers, slashers, billhook, bow saws or stout rakes. We have a limited supply of tools and will provide hot drinks. There might even be a mince pie in the offing !

Car parking is very restricted here, do let me know if you would like to car share or can offer a seat. It helps, incase of any last minute changes, if you can let me know in advance that you are planning to come. If you cannot make the day enjoy all the festive season offers, if you can look forward to working with you.

Dates for your Diaries:

next allday Thursday events: 5th January 2017 then 2nd February 2017

next afternoon Sunday events: 19th Fenruary



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