Why we bother?


Without intervention Nature will very quickly swallow up the meadows, turning them in to scubby woodland with impenetrable undergrowth. The paths through our wood will become choked with undergrowth, fallen trees and boggy patches, which make any progress challenging.

We all enjoy our woodland, whether just as an ever changing backdrop to that distant view, to giving our dogs a chance to roam free or just walking in the peace and quiet, soaking up the scents and sights of the ever changing seasons.Some have more unsual ways of relating to our woods!

Whatever reasons you have and however you choose to fufill it, the woods need to be kept in a healthy condition. That requires intervention, to remove the fallen trees, to cut back the undergrowth, to coppice the regrowth, keeping the tracks or meadows open. Rather than being left to a harassed Woodland Trust  site manager, based far away with too little time to keep on top of just one of so many other woods, far better that we, the communities that enjoy having the woods, take an active part. That is why we, Adcombe Wood Volunteers, give up a day once a month to help keep our woods in good health, so each of us can better enjoy the time we spend in our woods. But we need your help, no skills necessary, bring just your enthusiasm.


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