Next All-Day Event

Thursday 4th May is our next all-day Event. We are now into maintenance work. We will meet up once again in the car parking area just as you enter the woods at the end of the track. The track is on the right at the far end of Curdleigh Lane.


Working in the same location as the last two events, we have two tasks planned. Doing a final tidying away of brush in the second glade, stacking it under tree canopies and digging out the ditch beside the ‘boggy’ patch along the track.
Weather and turn-out dependant we might also collect up the tree tubes in a small old plantation but that will be decided on the day.
Wear stout shoes, bring your lunch and any tools you are prepared to. We will have a few tools and will provide hot drinks and biscuits. It will help us if tell us beforehand if you are planning to come, giving us your mobile number incase of any last minute changes.

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