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A collection of photos to capture the different events days that we have had. Together with photos showing the different parts of our site so we can see the changes we have made.

We undertake a major project, to form steps and improve the grade between the bottom track and the top footpath.

Thursday 6th July

Continuing progress:

Sunday 18th June

Continuing progress:


Thursday 1st June

Saw the start of an on-going major project with a changing cast of volunteers, forming steps and improving the grade on a new path between the bottom track and the top public footpath:


Before any work started:


Thursday 4th May

A small turnout on another glorious day with three tasks ahead, each successfully completed. To clear up left behind tree tubes from a small unsuccessful Ash plantation of some 20 years ago, to improve the drainage at a very boggy patch and to complete the final tidy up at the second glade.

Thursday 6th April and Easter Sunday afternoon 16th April

Two events were close together where we got to work on the second glade, clearing up after the Contractor who had recovered the glades. These glades help to maintain the original diversity in these woods and increase the amount of woodland edge which are particularly species rich and therefore so important.

The rumours of Easter Bunny sightings were well founded and a couple of eager spotters found evidence along the track and particularly around the glade which had some rich pickings.

On both these events the walk along the diagonal track rewarded us with a wonderful display of bluebells, probably the best display for years, disappearing up the higher slopes.

Special Wednesday Event 15th March

joining up with Neroche Conservation Volunteers

Many hands made light work of completing the coppicing and clearing up on the first of two glades recovered by Contractors earlier. We were able to leave the glade neat and tidy and were rewarded by the first Comma butterfly of year that came out during a brief sunny spell.

Many hands making light work
the brush left to be cleared away
Essential tea-break and cakes
limits of the glade recovered
Lunch time
Lunch time
Left clear and tidy for the spring flowers
End of day, job well done with Joe, our manager, on right

Thursday all-day 2nd March

a return to the Bald Spot

On another fair day a few hands turned out to carry on the task of pushing back on the righthand side of the Bald Spot. The job was finished and we now leave the Bald Spot until autumn.

Bald Spot at the start of the day
Bald Spot, final push.
clearing the last of the brush
Bald Spot, end of day.
Bald Spot at end of day


Sunday afternoon 19th February

– the Bald Spot

In perfect weather on the Bald Spot  a group of old, new, returning and some younger faces got stuck in. The afternoon went so fast but we all had a good workout and enjoyed that wonderful view. By the end of day we had pushed back the bottom corner and given the meadow a chance to breath again.

Thursday Event 2nd February

– the Oak Glade

The planned work on the ‘Bald Spot’ had to be postponed and we worked on at the Oak Glade instead. Released – this noble veteran oak was freed from the bramble so we can now all admire it. It must be well into to its middle age now so has to be close to 400 years old, no longer growing in a meadow when it was just a sapling.


Scallop Glades recovered, w/e 20.01.17

During the week the contractor cut back regrowth to re-establish two glades along the diagonal path. It is left to the Adcombe Wood Volunteers to tidy up the trash cuttings under the mature tree canopies and complete cutting the bramble to open up these glades. A footbridge was also replaced.



A veteran oak has engulfed two parasitic ash stems. So what is the right management policy? Leave it to Nature. Or intervene?

Ash is faster growing than oak and might rob the oak of it energy source. Cut out the Ash and a path for disease is created. But the oak is a veteran that surely is worth protecting, or will it out survive the Ash.

Location of Significant Tree

A map produced for WT in 2001 marked the location of a significant tree. The following are photos of it. Identified as an Ash.

Sunday 18th December and Thursday 5th January

– Working on the ‘Bald Spot’



Thursday Event 03.11.16

First Sunday Afternoon Event 16.10.16

First Solo Thursday Event 06.10.16

First Event 01.09.16

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