Solid Progress

What better than on hot sunny Fathers Day than to be working in the cool shade of the wood, fresh clean air, nibbling delicious cookies in good company and flexing or finding a few new muscles. It was again a very satisfactory afternoons work as a few more treads were added to the steps that had already been cut. We are working on what is probably the worse section of the incline after which the challenges get easier by when we will certainly have developed new skills. But that is the reward of volunteering finding out you can make a difference even when the task seems, at first sight, impossible!



Next Sunday Afternoon Event

Sunday 18th June at 13:30 we will hold our next afternoon Event at Adcombe Wood.

We will be working again at the Woodram Farm end of the wood, off the bottom track. The task will be to carry on forming steps in the bottom two flights and cutting back and widening the path on the gentler slopes. No previous experience required and there will be tasks to suit all abilities. Working on the steeper slopes can be difficult even when it is dry! As well as hot drinks and biscuits, tools will be provided but additional spades, shovels, club hammers might be useful. Let us know if you intend to bring any so we do not duplicate too much. Otherwise wear stout footwear and bring waterproofs, just incase.











You might choose to walk direct to the worksite. We will meet up at 13:30 as usual where the track enters the wood, the track off the end of Curdleigh Lane, making sure not to take the left fork. One car will take the tools and a couple of helpers to Woodram Farm and carry the tools to the worksite. The rest of us will then walk to the worksite, sign posting the way.

It will help if you tell us beforehand that you are planning to come, giving us your mobile number, incase of any last minute changes.






Great Progress!

A good turnout on another superb day, working in the shade on a sunny day, perfect. What good progress we made, starting at the bottom and working in three teams, one widening a gentle slope, one forming the first flight of earth filled steps and the other tackling the trickiest section. On this last section a big root had to be cut out, a side edge formed and then the steps dug and the timber steps formed. So no section complete as yet but a huge start, ten steps formed and clear indication of where we are going. Obviously with the work in progress access along this path will need care but you can see the improvements that will be made.

Dormouse Survey

Had an energetic but very pleasurable Sunday morning scrambling about our woods, finding and checking the 70 odd nesting boxes put up for the dormice. All were empty of any signs of dormouse inhabitants but a very many were occupied by bluetit nestlings, at varying stages, from eggs through to almost fledglings. We know we have dormice in our woods but perhaps they just prefer the old-fashioned ways and will have nothing to do with these new-fangled ‘box apartments’. Time will tell.

Whilst walking around the wood we did spot a patch of Herb Parish just going over:









Thanks to Catharine for allowing me along and trusting me to do my own box checks on the day.